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Joe Biden Projected President-Elect

After four days of Vote counts, the Associated Press and other major media outlets are projecting Joe Biden to be the 46th President Elect of the United States. At around 11:30am Saturday morning, the Associated Press projected the 77 year old former Vice President would win Pennsylvania, a victory that pushes Biden past 270 Electoral Votes, the number needed to take the win.

Biden’s projected victory in Pennsylvania flipped the script from 2016, when President Donald Trump won the Commonwealth. President Trump had a lead of over 600,000 votes earlier this week, before Mail-in and Absentee Vote counts mainly coming from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh narrowed the margin and eventually allowed Biden to overtake Trump in PA. Meanwhile, a defiant President Donald Trump is moving forward with lawsuits questioning validity of the Election process.

The latest ballot counts on Saturday confirming Joe Biden as the 46th President Elect of the United States. The news ushered in celebrations across the Country and prompted a congratulatory call from Kamala Harris, who will become the Nation’s first female Vice President. Though ballots continue to be counted, the numbers from Pennsylvania secure Biden’s Electoral College Victory. Biden tweeting quote: “I will be the President of all Americans, whether you voted for me or not.” Meanwhile, president trump continues to tweet allegations about the ballots cast in Pennsylvania, and insist he will not concede the election.

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