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Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Pulled

We just found out a little bit ago that the areas first regional vaccine site here at the Bryce Jordan Center is now temporally closed this news of course coming after the CDC and FDA are looking into recent incidents with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Out of the more than 6 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine officials say there have been 6 reported cases of rare blood clotting disorders so far, none coming from Pennsylvania.

So out of an abundance of caution the CDC and FDA recommended that everyone put a halt to all Johnson and Johnson vaccine distribution from now until at least April 20th.

After the initial approval of the j&j vaccine it became readily available to interested school teachers across the state. Locally, we had many clinics for those people officials say, all of those clinics have since ended and if you received your vaccine over two weeks ago that you should not panic.

I reached out to local school districts about their concerns and have not heard back yet.

But as for local distribution in Centre County Mount Nittany Medical Center says they have not given out any Johnson and Johnson vaccines and at previous its clinics, Centre Volunteers In Medicine have not either.

If you scheduled an appointment at the new regional clinic for some time this week officials say you should look elsewhere for the time being.

So, while this regional clinic is paused the department of health says anyone with an already scheduled appointment to receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine this week should still continue to do so and there is no need to worry because no one is currently giving out the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

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