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Johnstown Airport Improvements

$4 million has been awarded to the John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport to develop an access road.

The announcement was made by local, state, and federal representatives Thursday afternoon inside the airport.

Congressman Glenn “GT” Thompson secured the money for the improvement project.

“Our local airports and I’m talking about the small, regional ones like we’re standing in right now are essential to the economy,”

The money will be used to turn Fox Run Road into an access road which branches off of Airport Road circling the facility and leads to 75 acres of land.

Lawmakers say that land could become home to new economic opportunities.

“These 75 acres are isolated right now. They’re here, it’s a great opportunity, but quite frankly with no access road nothing is going to develop. So, I was really pleased,”

Airport Authority Chairman Rick McQuaide said aviation-related businesses are expected to fill the property once completed.

“We want to build an economic development center, much like an Industrial Park, here at the airport,”

Airport officials say the $4 million will be used to install a natural gas line, sewage system, and other utilities to grow the infrastructure around the access road.

“Most of the money is going to be underground, but it’s the first step of development,” McQuaide said.

While the airport is still searching for a new airliner, as SkyWest Airlines terminated their contract, they say the grant points to a bright future.

Congressman Dr. John Joyce said these additional funds will grow the community as a whole.

“This is, and will continue to be, developed as one of the business hubs of Cambria County,” Congressman Joyce told 6 News.

“This money was huge. We’re that much ahead of the game,”

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