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Johnstown Council on Area Shootings

The 3 homicide investigations in 4 days has a lot of people asking Today what’s going on in the city of Johnstown?

Crispin Havener asked local leaders about that Today.

Six homicides in the city of Johnstown in 2022. 3 of them in a span of 94 hours. It has a lot of people in the community talking about the need for change.

“I’m gravely concerned. ”

Events of the past few days

“This was basically about a shooting and getting shot and people causing noise and trouble and I want to thank our police for their quick action.”

Have been a stain on the Community of Johnstown.

“None of us sitting here our happy about the young lives being lost.”

It has community members calling for answers

“Please, address this. Talk about the shootings. What is your plan to stop the crime?

And city leaders promising them.

“I’ve been personally communicating with everybody about this and there will be a response.”

But those on the front lines say it takes two to tango.

“They’ll have their cameras out when an officer is getting his ass kicked, instead of going to help that officer.”

Johnstown Police Detective Mark Britton says Johnstown Police have had overwhelming support from within the law enforcement community but it takes the whole community for it to work.

“We’re 90% sure we know who did these heinous crimes that took someone’s loved one away, but no one wants to talk. ”

And that means more resources are being spent on crimes that could be more easily solved.

“It’s that one little thing, hey I do remember there was a car that did this, and his nickname is this call! ”

While they understand the old adage of snitches get stitches. Local leaders urging their neighbors to help clean up their town before it’s too late.

“I believe at the end of the day the community is on the same page. There’s a comfort level. Please, be comfortable, we will do everything we can to protect you and help you.”

Johnstown City Council says they will further address the crime issue at an event Tomorrow Morning.

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