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Johnstown Fire Dept Sending Gear to Ukraine

After seeing what’s been happening in Ukraine, the Johnstown Fire Department decided that they needed to help and they’re doing just that by donating some of their gear to Ukraine.

“The city, actually, we had some older protective clothing that we basically had stockpiled, and we’re not using and don’t really have a need for anymore that’ll be sent over to Ukraine to assist them however they need,” said Bob Statler, Johnstown Fire Chief.

So far, the Johnstown Fire Department has sent over three sets of gear which included a jacket, pants, boots, and a helmet. As they gather more gear, they plan on continuing sending it over as long as the need is there.

“If there is a need in the future, yes, I do have some additional stuff. The stuff that we’re donating is actually out of its lifetime for us. but it’s still in good shape. So, it’s still useful gear,”

The Johnstown Fire Department found this idea from another fire department in New Jersey.

“Actually, I was approached by one of our retired assistant chiefs, he had seen about Paterson New Jersey, they were collecting and getting this gear together so they could ship it overseas at some point,”

Collecting and sending this gear will give firefighters in Ukraine some spare sets of gear so they are not working in wet or damaged gear while trying to fight fires and save lives.

“The fire departments help out all the time, this is just another way of us helping other people,”

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