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Johnstown Generals Play for Veterans Mental Health

A hockey game was held at the Cambria County War Memorial Saturday afternoon aimed to raise awareness for Veterans Health Issues. The Johnstown Generals hockey team is all about Veterans Mental Health and Saturday they brought attention to it through their game.

The Johnstown Generals Hockey Team has a bigger goal than just winning games, they also want to improve the Mental Health of Veterans. John Kovac, President of the Johnstown Generals Hockey Team saying: “It’s such a quick transition from military to civilian now. You go directly into the workforce, and when it’s time to retire, veterans find themselves with no way to keep their minds occupied.”

One way to keep their minds occupied: by playing on their Team, which is made up of all Disabled Veterans to help keep each other motivated. They faced off against the Pittsburgh Warthogs Saturday afternoon in a game sponsored by the “It’s About The Warrior” Foundation. Kovac adding: “We’re going to be working with the Cambria County War Memorial, the American Legion, Legion Auxiliary, and the Johnstown Tomahawks to dedicate Section 22 to bring awareness to veteran suicide.”

They dedicated Section 22 of the Arena to the roughly 22 Veterans who die by suicide every day according to the V.A. and other sources. Kovac says their team is allowing local Veterans to form a bond with each other to come out on the other side of their sacrifices. Kovac adding: “I like to use the story of an individual on our team who actually had to teach himself how to walk again from the injuries he suffered overseas at war, and now he’s actually playing hockey and able to skate, and just enjoy himself with other veterans.”

If you’d like to help, you can sponsor a chair at the War Memorial to help raise donations for their Veterans Organization.

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