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Joshua Gorgone Trial Day 2

Tuesday was day two of the trial for a Johnstown man accused of stabbing a woman to death last year in his Geistown apartment.

Joshua Gorgone is accused of killing Denise Williams, whom he met on Facebook Marketplace to sell a refrigerator.

Tuesday’s testimony focused on what led to the discovery of Denise Williams’ body, and the arrest of Gorgone.

Johnstown police say they found Williams’ vehicle abandoned in Richland Township after finding her cellphone in the city’s Oakhurst section.

Geistown police testified that they were sent to Gorgone’s apartment, where they made entry and found Williams’ body wrapped in a comforter.

A forensic pathologist also took the stand Tuesday and described what he believed to be more than 68 stab wounds on Williams’ head, face, hands and torso.

The jury was shown graphic photos of her wounds, along with pictures of Gorgone and a bent, bloody knife recovered at the crime scene.

The jury also heard an interview of Gorgone shortly after his arrest where he told police that Williams came to his apartment to buy the fridge and then grabbed a knife and started swinging at him during an argument over the price.

Gorgone says he grabbed the knife and stabbed her in the chest before blacking out.

Police say told officers that he didn’t mean to hurt her and just wanted her to stop.

Gorgone then described moving her body to his bathroom because he didn’t want to quote “look at it anymore.”

Gorgone at first denied taking Williams’ car before admitting to taking it to the West End to buy drugs and throwing away her phone.

When Gorgone returned, he said he saw police at his apartment, so he walked around Richland until he was later arrested.

The prosecution rested its case following Tuesday’s testimony.

The defense is expected to call their witnesses to the stand Wednesday, with closing arguments to follow.

There is a potential for a verdict as early as Wednesday.

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