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Khater Arrest

An update now on a former State College business owner who was charged in the capitol riot in January in Washington D.C.

He was in court this week asking a judge to be released from jail.

But as Gary Sinderson tells us, federal prosecutors are presenting new evidence in his case

Julian Khater is seen here during the riot outside the capitol building, on the left in the Trump knit hat. Prosecutors say the man Khater is talking to is George Tanios,and this picture is just moments before Khater doused three capitol police officers with a chemical spray.

All three were temporarily blinded,and incapacitated for nearly twenty minutes. Khater is making a bid to be released from jail, a court hearing was held this week. But federal prosecutors are strongly arguing against his release.

They now say a backpack found at Tanio’s home after the riot had a small handgun in it, and that Khater admitted to police both he and Tanios used the backpack to carry the chemical spray and other gear during the riot.

In the court hearing the prosecutors said both the defendants actions were premeditated violence against capitol police at point blank range. Khater’s bail attempt includes an unusual proposal that his relatives will back a 15 million dollar surety bond.

But prosecutors also turn that against Khater, claiming he’s a flight risk with family ties to the country of Lebanon and the bond proposal shows he’s has the finances to flee the country. A judge continued the hearing until next month.

Khater was co-owner of a Fruttabowls business in State College, until in closed last Spring

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