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Kronos Cyber Attack

A cyber-attack on a major payroll company over the weekend caused concerns that employees across the country wouldn’t be getting their paychecks ahead of Christmas.

Kronos was hit with a ransomware attack Saturday, the company said.

Kronos is one of the largest workforce management companies in the country, according to NBC News, with major companies like Whole Foods, GameStop and Honda relying on them for payroll and scheduling services for their employees.

State and local government agencies along with healthcare companies and hospitals also rely on Kronos.

Following the hack, the company said the cyber-attack could affect its programs that rely on cloud services for “several weeks,” including the ones that other companies use to pay employees and manage their hours.

Conemaugh Health System is one of the hospitals that utilizes the Kronos system.

News of the cyber-attack caused concerns among healthcare workers that they wouldn’t be paid right before Christmas.

NBC News points out that Dec. 17 is the final payday before Christmas for many Americans who are paid biweekly.

Officials with Conemaugh Health System quelled those concerns Thursday.

In a statement released to 6 News, Conemaugh officials wrote, “At Conemaugh Health System, all employees will be paid for their regular, authorized hours. All eligible employees will also receive their previously scheduled, one-time thank you bonus for their ongoing commitment to serving our community throughout this pandemic. Unfortunately, the system cannot manually process adjustments in pay at this time including shift differentials and bonus shifts. We are working with our employees to make these corrections as soon as possible.”

Officials noted that the personal information of their team members has not been compromised by the attack, but they are still working with the Kronos team to better understand the situation and when the program will be restored.

Conemaugh officials say they only rely on the Kronos program to capture time punches.

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