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Laurel Highlands Snow

Meanwhile in the Laurel Highlands, the snow continued to blow through today made worse by very gusty winds. Emergency management personnel say they’re working hard to get the roadways clean.

It certainly made for a picturesque view.

And it also made quite a mess.

A wake-up call for the Laurel Highlands after a mild start to the winter.

“People are heeding the warnings, staying inside, not traveling if they don’t have to.”

A wide swath of 6 to 10 inches of snow in southern Cambria as well as in Somerset Counties making getting around a challenge on some roads. Cars spinning out this morning
on the Johnstown Expressway leaving others stranded ,As visibility dropped when strong winds caused blowing snow.

“We definitely want to monitor the wind speeds. We want to look at potential power outages.”

While plows worked to try and keep up, a warning for those heading back to work tomorrow.

“Today being a holiday and tomorrow being a workday people are going to want to leave extra early if they are heading into work.

So while some of us were left to clean up the mess.

Others taking it all in good fun.

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