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Lemon Bomb Tattoo Company Hosts Tattoo Event

The Lemon Bomb Tattoo Company hosted a tattoo benefit for the Humane Society of Cambria county on Sunday.

As a part of the fundraising effort, the shop pre-designed different tattoos for people to choose from each one ranging from 70-100$ with all proceeds going to the humane society.

The event sold out fast as all appointments were booked within a couple hours of opening and organizers are hoping to raise over 4,000 dollars to donate to the shelter.

“We’re really trying to help the people in our county,” said Devin Hemlick, co-owner of Lemon Bomb Tattoo Co. “Animals can be hard to care for and we want to help them out as much as we can and if we can do that with the shelter and with the shop, it’s amazing for all of us.”

Some people are amazed at the permanence of such a donation but attendees highlight the importance of spreading the word.

“You can donate money and that’s one thing,” said Jonathan Sleasman, a tattoo recipient. “But if you get a tattoo people will look at it and ask oh why’d you get that and then I can further conversations into the adoption rescue of some of these animals that many of them are in these shelters through no fault of their own.”

According to data by Shelter Animals County, approximately 6.3 million animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Both organizers and supporters of the humane society want to emphasize the gravity of pet ownership and responsibility.

“Much like tattoos, pets can be pretty permanent even though you don’t have them as long as you would have a tattoo, they are a part of you that never goes away,”

The Humane Society of Cambria county is always looking for more help, you can visit their website for information on donations, volunteering, and future events.

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