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Leonard LaPlaca – Part 1

He’s a Teacher, a Landscaper, an Inspirational Speaker and a Writer. Len LaPlaca is a busy man in Windber, but along the way he’s inspired hundreds of Richland Students and, really, anyone who hears him or reads his work. He’s written 3 books so far and is working on his 4th. It’s all countless ideas of how to make it through life the best way we can.

One of his former Students actually suggested Len to us for a segment. So, we sat down at his home and started off by talking about a very simple, but almost forgotten idea.

Len’s taken dozens of these ideas over the years and penned them, quite literally, into 3 books… almost 4 now. A little later in the show we’ll get into the meaning behind those books and a simple takeaway you can have in this half hour to make your mental health stronger… with one word.

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