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Lions Learning Lab: Yelling Balloon

Science experiments you can try at home! Justin Huffman from Penn State Altoona’s Lions Learning Lab shows us how to make a noisy balloon.

“Yelling Balloon!”

Demonstration Concept

This science demonstration teaches kids about centripetal force and sound!


  • Balloon
  • Small Hex nut (can experiment with different-sized hex nuts)


  • Place the small hex nut into the balloon and make sure it is all the way at the bottom of the balloon before blowing the balloon up.
  • Blow the balloon up to a medium volume and tie it up to close. (If working with small children, an adult should blow the balloon up!)
  • Hold the balloon with the neck of the balloon in the palm of your hand and your fingers along the sides.
  • Move the balloon in a circular motion until the high pitch noise begins. Enjoy the SCIENCE and the NOISE!!!

Visit Lions Learning Lab for more information.


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