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Little Bag of Sunshine

This a story along the lines of the old adage about a little can sometimes make a big difference, in this case those benefiting from the difference are hundreds of school kids in Centre and Clearfield Counties.

This relief effort began very small scale ,several family members, several empty cosmetic bags, and assorted health care and personal hygiene products

“And these are some of the thing we have for the kids,sometimes we hand out extra over the holidays”

Shawna Cassick showing us some of the products they hand out to those in need ,mainly school kids through the YMCA’s backpack program. They also include some positive vibes and call their special brand of out reach little bag of sunshine.

“School is hard,with bullying and other issues,and sometimes kids without some basic hygiene or even clean teeth,that can bring them down”

The first year, 2018, they distributed 33 bags of products since then hundreds more, powered by a community giving back through donations

“I also work with fire companies,help those impacted by fires and we also help the homeless”

If you want to donate, or help out check out the Little Bag of Sunshine go to their social media pages

The Little Bag of Sunshine organizers work out of their homes or a local church. But soon they’ll have a new expanded area with space being donated by the Moshnnon Valley YMCA.

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