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Local Church Reaches Incredible Milestone

A Church is set to hit an incredible Charitable Milestone this coming Weekend. Center City Church in Altoona held a number of their City Blessing Food Giveaways throughout the past year. We spoke with the Church’s Pastor about why this next one will be special.

On Saturday, the Center City Church will surpass One Million Pounds of food given out to the needy in the community. About a year ago, Pastor Jim Kilmartin at Center City Church decided he wanted to try to give to the surrounding community struggling through the Pandemic. Little did he know that his attempt at goodwill would lead to giving out a whopping million pounds of food, a milestone they’ll hit at their next giveaway on Saturday morning.

Pastor Kilmartin adding: “I didn’t know how long we were going to go with it, so to be able to see it go for a full year and to see us hit that mark of a million pounds, distributing good food, fantastic food that me and my family, we would eat, we would be appreciative of it, gosh I’m overjoyed, I really am.”

They started giving out a few thousand pounds of food initially and progressed to tens of thousands per giveaway in recent months. Pastor Kilmartin says the Community’s dedication is nothing short of spectacular. Pastor Kilmartin saying: “To see week in and week out people willing to give of their time, that blows me away. In cold weather when it’s snowing and when it’s freezing, to be able to make something like this happen, it’s awesome.”

He credits that dedication to their collective willingness to take action to help stop hunger, adding: “When we see a need, we got to figure out how to bring a solution rather than just identifying and speaking about it but look and see how we can be (the) one that brings solution rather than just put our head in the sand or throw our hands up in the air and say ‘it’s too big of a problem.”

Saturday’s giveaway at the Church will run from eleven to when the food is gone.

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