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Local D.C. Electors

Republican Congressmen John Joyce and Fred Keller objected to the certification, claiming that the Wolf administration unconstitutionally bypassed the Pennsylvania legislature in making changes to the vote in the months leading up to the election.

Both condemned the attack on the capitol. Keller called it un-american. Joyce remarked, his heart was heavy. During debate Democratic Pennsylvania Representative Connor Lamb called out the objections of Republican Congressman alleging the attack on the capitol was inspired by lies, lies he said members of congress were repeating.

One republican lawmaker asked that his words be stricken from the record, a motion house speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed, leading to a shouting match in the isle between representatives. Others in the house rushed to break it up.

Lamb characterized the objections as a threat to democracy, while Joyce and Keller maintained they were upholding the constitution.

“Governor Wolf’s administration dismissed signature authentication procedures for absentee and mail-in ballots, allowed for the uneven administration of the election across counties and unilaterally changed Pennsylvania’s election code without the state legislature’s consent.”

“I will object to the electoral college certification to protect the will of Pennsylvania voters, to uphold the law, to restore trust in our electoral system and ultimately to save our constitution.”

Governor Wolf and Secretary Boockvar say Pennsylvania’s election process was free and fair.


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