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Local Kindergartner Keeping the City Clean

Since the Pandemic began, more families are turning to outdoor activities and hanging out at Parks and Trails. Here’s how one local Kindergartner is helping to keep those places clean.

An act of kindness over the weekend at the Jim Mayer Trail in Johnstown is leaving many members of the community feeling inspired and hopeful for future generations. 6-year-old Marcus Simms of Johnstown is making our world a little cleaner one step at a time. Marcus’s Mom Melana saying: “We were riding home from school, and while we were in the car, he said, ‘Mommy, what’s it take to have a cleanup?'” Marcus’s Mom Melana said he heard there was glass at a local skate park so that inspired a lofty goal: Marcus Simms saying: “To clean up the Earth.”

So, they grabbed some brooms, shovels, garbage bags and gloves and went to the “Jim Mayer Trail” in Johnstown. Family and friends joined Marcus to help him with his passion project, collecting seven trash bags full of garbage. Marcus said it made him feel happy. Happy and hopeful that maybe he’ll inspire other kids to do the same.

Marcus is no stranger to Community Service. His Mom says he’s done cleanups like these before. Melana saying: “He’s 6 years old, and he saw a need he wanted to meet it. So if a 6-year-old can do that, anybody can do it.” She hopes this inspires others to do positive things in their communities too. Melana adding: “Sometimes, someone else just has to take the lead or come up with the idea, and then others will follow suit.”

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