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Local Leaders Impeachment Reactions

“I decline to say rather than having these kinds of actions take place to further divide America, we should be coming together to be setting the path forward.”

Just days away from the end of President Trumps 4-year term, the house voted to impeach with a single article of incitement of insurrection following last week’s riot at the capitol.

“When it comes to last week’s capitol breech do you feel as though President Trump was responsible for inciting the violence?”

“The thing that I’ll say about the violence that took place at the capitol is there is no excuse for the actions people took of coming into the capitol, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law…”

“With no direct response as to whether he believes President Trump was to blame” Congressman Keller says overall, it was a sad day for our republic.

“I focus on the outstanding members of the capitol police, local law enforcement that brought order back to the building so that we could demonstrate to the world that our republic will not be deterred by mobs.”

Since returning to the capitol to resume duty, Congressman Keller says he has full confidence and is proud of the work capitol police, the national guard and local enforcement do.

Keller is not the only local official who voted to NOT move forward with impeachment. Congressman John Joyce says,
“Rushing through the impeachment process and bypassing regular order is a disservice to the U.S. Constitution and to our democracy.”

Like Keller, he too wants to focus on moving forward with a peaceful transition of power and rebuilding the nations unity.

And Congressman Glenn Thompson writes,”There has not been an investigation, there have been no hearings, and we are seven days away from a new administration assuming the lead of our government.”

He finishes with he does not believe impeachment is appropriate at this time, and he is concerned what kind of division this will cause across the political landscape.

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