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Local Man Killed When a Truck Crashes into His Home

Late last night a person tragically died in Cambria County when a pickup truck drove into their house the Cambria County Coroner announced.

The truck also hit an electrical pole knocking out power for some homes in the neighborhood.

Douglas Braff visited the scene of the crash and has more.

The Cambria County Coroner says a 69 year old man named Gerald Weyandt Jr. died when a pickup truck crashed into his home late last night.

The neighborhood awoke last night to the sound of a pickup truck slamming into the side of a house sadly killing a resident.

I spoke with a family member and they say the driver was drunk something which multiple neighbors repeated to me. However the authorities have not confirmed this information yet

“We were sitting out here and went in, in the evening, and then we get ready to go to bed, and I guess it was like two AM we heard this fantastic noise went over there and it
was a pickup truck in the neighbor’s yard, in the house.”

John Davis a former Marine lives directly across the street from the crash

“I tried to go down there and help out but it was just a mess. It was an absolute mess.”

The truck also hit an electrical pole in front of another neighbors house which shut down some people’s power including Davis’s

“Yeah, ours went out. It was out for a few hours, and then it finally came back on this morning.


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