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Local State College Elections

The candidates for the May primaries are now set in State College.

March 9th was the cutoff date for candidates running to file their nomination petitions.

For mayor, Jim Leous and Ezra Nanes are running on the democratic ballot. Both previously applied for the interim position after Don Hahn stepped into his new role back in 2019 as a district judge.

Ultimately, Ron Filippelli filled the spot and declared that he will not be running for the seat this coming election, but he is running for a borough council position instead.

We reached out to both candidates running for mayor and have not yet heard back from Leous. However, Nanes says the role of a mayor is important, especially in the state college community.

“We know how important municipal elections are. these races for mayor, for borough council, for school board, these affect our lives as much as if not more than the big elections that everyone is aware of. These local elections
impact our budgets and really what kind of community we are able to build”

As for the borough council seats, along with Filippelli, 6 others are battling for the spots, and Katherine Yeaple is the only incumbent on the ballot.

Evan Myers’ seat, and Theresa Lafer’s are up for grabs.

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