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Local Vaccine Confusion

A local hospital says it was one of the health care providers that was involved in the allocation mix-up and gave second doses of the Moderna vaccine as first doses.

Marshall Keely is live at that facility with what they’re doing to make it right and what residents with appointments need to know.

Jess, AJ, Conemaugh Nason Medical Center confirmed to us this Afternoon that the were part of the Moderna vaccine mix up. Now they say they’re working to limit the impact on other appointments they already have scheduled.

This comes after acting Secretary of Health Allison Beam announced multiple providers in the state had given the second dose of Moderna vaccine to patients needing their first dose. The state estimates some 30 to 60 thousand second dose appointments and 30 to 55 thousand first dose appointments could be changed because of it.

Conemaugh Nason medical center held a mass vaccination clinic in East Freedom on Friday, vaccinating over 1000 residents according to Blair County EMA Director Mark Taylor. It’s unclear whether the correct doses were given at that clinic, but officials from the medical center tell us they are attempting to minimize the impact on patients, especially those who need a second vaccine dose.

Taylor could not comment on the potential delays caused by the mistake, But he says overall health care centers in the county are doing their best with the supplies they have.

“I think Blair County’s enrolled providers are doing pretty well. I don’t believe anybody is sitting on any. I believe most of the healthcare groups are done now on the 1A side. I know the other local hospitals are beginning to address the other 1As. I believe we’re making progress with the vaccine that we’ve received.”

If you already had a vaccine appointment scheduled with Conemaugh Nason and you’re concerned officials say don’t call them, they will call you if your appointment needs to be changed.

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