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Locally-Developed Mobile App

Locally-developed mobile app helps businesses connect with employees

A new tech start-up in Altoona launched an app to help businesses stay connected with their employees, in a world where working remotely is becoming more of the norm.

The WorkTok mobile app was developed in Blair County. It’s a tool that lets businesses engage with their employees even when working from a distance.

“Especially with the decentralization of employees in the ability to work remote, managers just aren’t open the door for employee feedback as often as they probably should,” said Lisa Leath, a State College native and co-founder of the mobile app.

The Altoona-based startup began development long before the pandemic.

By the time they released the app in late March, many employers had sent their workers home, making the app useful for far more users.

“It allows employers to stay in touch with their employees through set of regular questions or ‘Toks,’” Leath said. “Although it was a coincidence, it’s certainly helpful for organizations during COVID.”

Once downloaded onto a device, supervisors can schedule “Toks” that are sent out through notifications on employee’s phones. the short surveys take less than a minute to complete, but touch on a range of important topics.

“From general check-ins and goal alignment, to recognition, morale, stress level, race relations; some sensitive topics that people may not want to have face to face conversations about,” Leath said.

Employees can also provide comments to their supervisors, engaging in conversation through the app.

Leath said it gives a chance for some quick one-on-one engagement.

“So, it’s a really quick exchange of two-way feedback between the employee and their supervisor and it’s giving them individual attention both ways,” she said.

Leath said the app let’s employee voices be heard and can help improve work performance.

“Addressing things like stress and overall well-being of employees are extremely important right now,” she said. “Research shows, IBM and Workhuman put some research out that shows that organizations perform better when employees have a positive employee experience.”

WorkTok is available on iOS through the App store or on android through the Google Play store.

Leath said it’s a simple and affordable option for businesses with subscriptions at just $1.99 a month, per user.

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