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Loose Tire Collides With a Police Cruiser

An incredibly close call was caught on camera Monday as an out-of-control tire barreled down a Pennsylvania road and collided into a police cruiser.

The Spring Township Police Department posted the video to their Facebook page. They said officers were monitoring traffic along the 1300 block of Zion Road in Centre County when the incident took place.

They say the officers were caught by surprise when a pickup truck lost one of its tires and the tire rolled directly toward their cruiser, smashing their windshield.

Thankfully, no one was injured. The tire hit the windshield, launched into the air and across the opposite side of the road instead of hitting another vehicle.

“He (Officer Kutches) actually alerted me to it. He told me that there was something coming towards us and we looked up and we knew there was traffic coming both directions, both east and west, and we knew there wasn’t anywhere for us to go…so we just kind of braced for impact at that point.”

Police note their cruiser did suffer extensive damage, though.

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