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Lost Bird Found

Losing a pet is heartbreaking, but with help from a few friendly strangers and the tune of an old TV show’s theme song, one family in Pennsylvania finally found their beloved bird three years after he’d gone missing.

“When I first walked up the steps, there was this item on the corner and I then paid attention to it, and it was a bird.”

Louise Duncan was concerned about the little bird on the front porch of Christ United Methodist Church.

“I knew it was not a normal bird that comes by because it had, and I think it was an orange or yellow plume.”

So, she and the pastor called the animal rescue group ORCA and corralled the bird into a box.

“He was very feisty. He did not want to be in a box. his little his claws were already coming out of the little handle hole,” the churches Reverend said.

“We picked him up, put him in the carrier, and brought him right back to the office.”

And posted pictures of the cockatiel on social media.

“Within the hour, I think it was honestly even 30 minutes, I got the comment from Trish.”

An Ephrata family recognized the bird right away.

It was their cockatiel named Lucky.

Lucky had escaped three years ago, so the family sent pictures to ORCA to see if it was a match.

“We were pretty sure, like 90-percent sure.”

“There was a way to be absolutely certain. Lucky’s owners say they taught him to dance to the theme song from the Andy Griffith Show. So, they decided to give it a try.”

“He started whistling that song and the bird started dancing, bobbing his head, so we knew then that it had to be the same bird.”

“What a great song to dance to, I might add. I mean, how many of us don’t like the Andy Griffith Show?”

Lucky’s rescuers don’t think it was chance he landed on their door.

“We take care of all God’s creatures from the church.”

Turns out, Lucky was really blessed.

The family was able to reunite with Lucky, but unfortunately, they now live in a smaller place and can no longer take care of him the way they would like to.

So, they are working with ORCA to find a new home hoping Lucky gets lucky again.

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