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Low Turnout for Blair County Testing Site

A COVID-19 testing site opened up in Blair County today, but it did not draw the same size crowds we have seen over the past year.

Sydney Jaxtheimer spoke with officials to find out why this is and if the testing site is still needed.

At previous COVID-19 testing sites there would be hundreds of cars waiting to get tested but at Tuesdays in Blair county there wasn’t even a line.

Over the past year, when Pennsylvania’s Department of Health would set up a COVID-19 testing site, thousands of people would be anxious to go get tested, but things have changed.

“At the time the focus was on getting tested whereas now it is more on getting vaccinated for the community.”

Although not as many people are anxious to get tested for the virus, the testing site is not a waste. As Blair County’s director of public safety, Mark Taylor explains this is not costing the county.

“AMI is under federal contract so it’s no additional money to anybody. They are basically finishing up their session they were contracted to do and since they had extra hours within that contract, we felt that it was good to take advantage of it.”

Which is what residents should be doing as well, taking advantage of the convenient and free COVID-19 testing.

“Probably a lot of people think they don’t have to do it anymore because they’ve even been vaccinated or waiting to get vaccinated, but we know there are still a lot of people who could even be asymptomatic and spreading the disease without knowing it.”

AMI healthcare providers have traveled the country administering COVID-19 tests. They believe the lack of people coming to get tested, could be a sign this pandemic is nearing the end.

“The numbers are reflecting that too. If the numbers were as high as they were in the past months there would be more people out here, so that’s a good sign.”

The Altoona location of the COVID-19 testing site will be open 9am to 6pm up until Saturday. Then the location will change the following week but will remain in the Blair County area. You can visit the Dept. of Health’s website for more information.


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