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Lucy’s Place Stays Open

Lucy’s Place in Downtown Johnstown known for their night life, entertainment, and drag shows will continue standing.

“Lucy’s Place is not closing. The City of Johnstown the city manager in particular emphasized to me that the city had no intention of shutting them down. It was just a lot of unfortunate and hateful misinformation on social media,”

It all started earlier this month when Liquid Currency in Cambria City was shut down for hosting female exotic dancers, Burns said.

That does not comply with the city’s 840 ordinance for sexually oriented businesses.

“The whole thing with Liquid Currency, I think, sparked the concern,”

Lucy’s Place received a notice from the city questioning: were they also in violation of that ordinance?

Burns said he held a meeting with city officials to clear it all up.

“It was a very, very positive meeting. The city manager was very open,” Burns told us.

They decided that Lucy’s Place is not a sexually oriented business and that their drag shows are allowed so they can proceed as normal.

“They’re allowed to have their entertainment, the occasional drag show, and even the male review shows. They just have to follow certain specifications. No frontal nudity, no back nudity, nothing like that,”

Burns notes that shutting down drag shows at Lucy’s Place would set a negative precedent for the area.

He said drag shows often serve as community fundraisers.

“In fact, they do a lot of good stuff not just in Johnstown but for police departments and fire companies,”

For more information on Lucy’s Place, visit their website.

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