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Mail-In Ballots

Statewide, over 2 point 1 million mail in ballots have been requested so far. And that number is expected to rise as election day draws near. In York County, over a third of voters are expected to vote by mail and with a supreme court decision tossing out any naked ballots, getting this right is imperative.

Here are the steps:

open envelope

Fill out the ballot using black pen

Fold up ballot and place it in the secrecy envelope

Place the secrecy envelope in the outer envelope.

Fill out the voter declaration.

And then drop it in the mail or at election drop box.

“We have to get it right. There’s just not an option not to get it right. It is the one thing that keeps me up at night thinking do we have this process in place? Do we have this precaution in place? We have to get it right. Not getting it right is not an option.”

With the security of mail-in ballots in question, York County is taking several steps to ensure the integrity of the process.

Once the ballots get to the county building, they will remain under lock and key until election day.

Then an assembly line of workers will open the envelopes with no one handling the ballots for more than one step.

Finally,security cameras will watch over the entire process.

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