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Mandatory Faculty Vaccinations at University Park

A major change in policy at Penn State’s University Park Campus.

Employees will now be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Gary Sinderson has more on our update.

Administrators here at Penn State began this Fall semester facing fire over not requiring vaccinations for those on campus. Now all University Park employees are facing a
vaccination mandate. The reason for the change the University’s ties to federal funding

On campus this Fall, demonstrations calling for a vaccination mandate

And demonstrations against vaccine requirements

Now Penn State says President Bidens executive order requiring covid vaccinations for all federal employees, contractors and others, leaves the university little choice.

Penn State has close to a thousand federal contracts and President Eric Barron says for all practical intents and purposes, it has become evident that we must extend the mandate
to all employees at University Park. The University has set a December 8th deadline for employees to submit proof they are fully vaccinated.

As of October first, Penn State reported the overall vaccination rate for all University Park employees at 81%, with the figure for full time academic personnel at 96%

The university’s weekly reports on covid on campus has shown a steady decline in the number of cases reported

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