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Mascot Debate Continues

5 Hours and over 100 speakers waiting to share their views on the Red Raider nickname

All frustrated with the obvious divide this debate has caused.

But unfortunately, the debate continues because the board had no time to vote.

“2 weeks ago, several individuals mentioned that we were trying to erase history. I do not think that’s true. I hope you the board will vote to finish the job you started 2 weeks ago and finish removing this horrible, stereotypical name.”

And while others think students have been through enough these past two years due to covid and question why this is the boards top priority.

“We are in the middle of a pandemic. There are way more important issues that we need to address such as school safety with COVID and rebuilding our elementary schools. You have children in trailers, buildings that are falling apart and you don’t have air conditioning in some of them yet you are pushing for the mascot issue immediately to try and quiet the noisy ones.”

A lot of speakers mentioned how the school let the students vote whether they want the Red Raider nickname changed or not and majority did not.

So, this raises the question for most Bellefonte taxpayers why can’t they vote too?

“It seems like the school board wants to please a small group of people who are making a lot of noise about the mascot. But have you actually asked the community what they want. You are willing to spend a lot of money to change the logo but not spend a fraction of that amount to get community input.”

The school board already voted 8 to 1 to remove the schools longtime Native American mascot imagery will the Red Raider nickname retire too? Well, that decision is still to come.

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