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Mask Mandate Lifts

For the first time in well over a year, Pennsylvanians — Vaccinated or not — can take off those masks, but you shouldn’t toss what you have just yet. Here’s what the Mandate lifting means across the State.

So we know the mask mandate has ended, but what exactly does that mean? Well it doesn’t mean a whole lot if you already are vaccinated if you’re unvaccinated you can walk around more confidently knowing the mandate is over however businesses can still require you to wear a mask and Healthcare Providers can do the same and don’t forget the CDC has already required you to wear a mask if you’re using Public Transportation. On Monday, we got a chance to talk to a Doctor and some folks in Harrisburg about what it means to them.
Another milestone for Pennsylvania – along the comeback trail. The mask mandate which was implemented last July is now in the rearview. Tim Young, a Harrisburg Resident saying: “There are less cases right now then there have been – so yes. I feel like everybody’s been taking their own opinion in the last few months.”

Pennsylvanians conflicted about the change – after a year of wearing one for themselves and the greater good. Businesses – feeling the same way – both given leeway when it comes to making the decision. Karen Groh, President of Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce saying: “I think it’s a mixed bag. I do think that as we have more and more people vaccinated – I think businesses while they have a right to ask people to wear masks as they come in that they are becoming more and more laxed with that. Frankly when I go shopping in Lebanon County most places do not require a mask.”

Doctors say they do have concerns – as the Commonwealth continues to address vaccine hesitancy – and around 25 percent continue on without a dose. Dr. Paul Williams of Houcks Road Family Practice saying: “I think again it’s a positive milestone but again it’s that other 30 percent that we need to make a strong effort to get vaccinated.”

The mask mandate is lifted as we mention despite the fact that PA doesn’t have 70 percent fully vaccinated it looks like we are well on our way there with 75 percent with at least one dose. Remember if you are taking public transportation – you will still need a mask.

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