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Mask Wearing Hesitation

To wear or not to wear: that seems to be the question folks are asking about masks nowadays.

Masks have been a fixture for over a year now, but last week, the CDC announced that fully vaccinated people can be outdoors, in crowds, and in a number of indoor settings without
wearing a mask.

With crowded events such as sports games and concerts coming back in the summer, Doctor Amit Mehta says vaccinated people going to these places need to make calculated decisions.

“If it’s an indoor event, and there are thousands of people like I was saying before, you are vaccinated so you feel confident about that. But, what about the other thousands of people
there you don’t know? So, there is high; it’s risk mitigation elevated risk, low risk. What do you do? And it’s, it’s, it’s, at that point, it’s applied science, and then you take an
individual decision.”

Doctor Mehta added that is undoubtedly a step towards normalcy.

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