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Massive Backlash to Vaccine Mandate

26 States are now Suing after the Biden Administration announced a deadline for the most aggressive Vaccine Mandate of the Pandemic so far. The Mandate applies to any private businesses with 100 or more Employees. We have more on the story.

Growing Backlash to new Federal Vaccine requirements setting up a legal showdown. Under the new rule announced by the Biden Administration, workers with Private Businesses with 100 or more Employees must be vaccinated by January 4th, 2022 or produce a negative test weekly and wear masks. The rule is expected to impact some 84 Million Employees. Employers will face Fines of up to $14,000 per violation, and even higher Fines for “Willful Violations.”

Governor Ron DeSantis saying: “This is a rule that is Not consistent with the Constitution and is not legally authorized through Congressional Statutes.” Now, more than 2 Dozen States are challenging the new rules in Court. Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis has railed against COVID-related Mandates for months, joins a Suit with Georgia and Alabama whose Governors signed Legislation on Sunday that allows State Residents to claim a Medical or Religious exemption from a COVID Vaccine requirement.

Some prominent U.S. Trade Groups are also taking issue with the rule. The National Retail Federation, the World’s largest Retail Trade Association, calling it Burdensome for Retailers during the crucial Holiday shopping season. The Associated Builders and Contractors, a Construction Industry Trade Group, warning the rule is likely to exacerbate existing issues, including increasing costs, supply chain bottlenecks, and a worker shortage.

Still, the White House says Vaccine Requirements are working, helping bring the number of those unvaccinated who are eligible in the U.S. down to about 60 Million, slowing COVID spread, and giving the Economy a boost. They also believe they are on firm legal footing.

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