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Memorial Day Boat Safety

As we approach the Memorial Day weekend, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission says Safety should be your Top Priority. Here’s the one thing Officials want you to know before heading out on the water for Memorial Day.

According to Mike Parker, Communications Director for the PA Fish & Boat Commission, this is the busiest time of the year for Boating Season. Parker saying: “Unfortunately, each year we do have some boating related fatalities and this year we have had 4 so far across the State.”

Last year, there were 11 boating fatalities in Pennsylvania. Parker says one common thing among the victims of these accidents is that they were not wearing a life jacket. Parker adding: “The Law requires that you have a life jacket on board your boat for each person on the boat whether that’s a single person kayak or you’ve got 10 people hanging out on your pontoon boat.” He says children aged 12 and under must always wear a life jacket.

Parker also says they have a handful of Boating while Under the Influence accidents. Parker adding: “Boating under the influence is just like driving a car under the influence of alcohol. It’s illegal in Pennsylvania and the threshold for the legal limit is the same.”

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