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Merk COVID-19 Pill

Another potential weapon in the fight against COVID-19 could soon be on the way with drugmaker Merck releasing promising data on a new treatment for the virus.

This as many across the country fight vaccine mandates. But some who have survived the disease are urging the unvaccinated to take the shot.

Reena Roy has more.

It’s an anti viral drug so promising, its maker Merck halted its final clinical trials early in consultation with the FDA.

“This is the first oral antiviral available to combat COVID-19”

The pharmaceutical company releasing new data about Molnupiravir which cut the risk of hospitalization or death in half in those trials.

“It actually inserts into the arms of the virus and stops it from working and that really is the magic of how this works”

The drugmaker says the prescription pill even appears to work against variants and they’ll soon be taking it to the FDA for emergency use authorization.

This as vaccine mandates take effect across the country.

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