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Mike Tomlin Tuesday

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is well aware that for his guys, the upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs will not be easy.

Chiefs of the AFC top seed at ten and four and the Steelers at seven, six and one is simply just cannot afford another game where they come out of the gate slow.

The Chiefs are battling a bit of the COVID bug star receiving options. Tight end Travis Kelce and one out Tyreek Hill have been placed on the coveted list.

But no matter who’s out there, it is a virtual must win road game.

“There starts have been significant the early outset of games. They’ve been up by 14, up by ten by nine and so forth a couple of possessions into the game for them and their opponent.
And coupled with our recent experience, that’s just a something that can’t transpire.
We can’t play the game in that way, particularly within the comforts of Arrowhead Stadium. And so that’s some of the things that we’re acknowledging as we prepare.”


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