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MLK Memorial Clean up

The community says they are outraged by the borough’s clean up of the site, and borough manager says they ultimately, regret doing this.

“In happy valley birds chirp in the sky, and in happy valley Jim Crow is still alive.”

Reclaiming, rebuilding, and rededicating the space as a memorial for black lives.

Candles, flowers, stuffed animals, and pictures all laid here for almost a month until Sunday.

“The crews that went down Sunday morning were generally picking up the trash, liter and material from around the plaza from the events the day before and emptying the trash cans. As it has been
described to me the flowers and some of the teddy bears were moldy, so they were removed as part of that clean up.”

Located in the heart of downtown State College, the site holds many community gatherings including, most recently, Juneteenth celebrations.

“It was not an intentional act, it was a regrettable mistake that we made. We understand the hurt that it has created and has caused for many people. We are certainly committed too and promise to
work with people in the community to make it right and to do whatever we can to rebuild the memorial.”

On Tuesday, the community did just that rebuilt the memorial to it’s original form, with colorful flowers, and objects to help remember the black lives lost.

“Here a Maintenance worker can disregard the deceased they went from black body bags to a black bag in the trash.”

Fountaine says the community does not have to worry about the site being removed again they will work with the organizers to keep it tidy.

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