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Monetizing Your YouTube Channel

Have you ever heard of Ryan Kaji, Mister Beast, or Dude Perfect? They were the top earners on YouTube in 202, making an astounding combined total of 76 million dollars! So, how do people actually make money posting to YouTube? LaVonne Falbo from LaVintage Décor recently monetized her channel, and she joins us to tell us how it’s done.

LaVintage Décor, located in Altoona, specializes in budget-friendly design, repurposing whatever they can to save you money.  LaVonne is a problem solver and creative thinker when it comes to revamping your space. She has experience with commercial design as well. Comfort, functionality, and practicality are important in designing her spaces.  Painting kitchen cabinets is a specialty.

Get more great ideas from LaVonne check out Let’s Design and her YouTube Channel. You can keep track of LaVonne’s workshops on Facebook.

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