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Moneyman Easter Egg Hunt

Another appearance was made by the mysterious Moneyman, who has a secret identity and gives the community the chance to win prizes at mysterious events. This year, there was an Easter Egg Hunt and Windber Recreational Park Saturday night, complete with 4,000 eggs, 7,000 pieces of candy, 3,000 glow sticks, and 2 gold eggs. Those who found the golden eggs won either diamond earrings or an iPhone 13 Pro.

Moneyman says his inspiration behind all the events is that a lot of people say that there’s nothing to do around Johnstown. Moneyman saying: “Giving prizes away is sweet, but it’s really about the events. My events are pretty unique, and I just like making them happen and bringing everyone together.”

In the past, Moneyman has hosted Scavenger Hunts, giving away prizes from Air Pods to Playstations to $10,000 in cash.

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