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Moneyman Scavenger Hunt

If you’re from the Johnstown area, you may have heard of “The Moneyman.” This person has a Secret Identity and gives the Community the chance to Win cash and prizes. The Moneyman is now planning “Johnstown’s $10,000 Scavenger Hunt presented by AmeriServ.”

It will be held Saturday, July 31st with check in at the Galleria starting at 9am. You can play in teams of two. Players will get a “Top Secret” envelope with 250 items to find in the City of Johnstown and surrounding areas. If your Team makes the Finals at the end of the day, and then finds Moneyman at the end, you win $10,000.

This is Moneyman’s second annual Scavenger Hunt and he said last year they had 320 people participate. He said this year they’re going to highlight local small businesses throughout the area during the Scavenger Hunt.

You can register on an Event-Brite link that can be found on Moneyman’s Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts.

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