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More Restaurant Help Needed

For Corrine Powell at Forth Worth Restaurant in DuBois, she said it’s been hard since the beginning of the pandemic to keep her business afloat.

She said it’s been a major adjustment keeping the lights on while only serving a limited amount of customers.

“We’ve had absolutely no relief from the government with all of the restrictions and everything,” she said.

On Thursday, Governor Wolf announced a plan to waive liquor license fees for bars and restaurants throughout 2021 starting January 21st.

But Powell said more needs to be done.

“I think that it’s a great start, it’s a very good start but we had absolutely no help in the seven months since the pandemic,” she said.

According to Governor Wolf’s office, waiving these fees will help more than 16,000 bars and restaurants equating in $20 million in relief.

“This cannot be the only thing that they do to help us with all of the restrictions and mandates that they put on us already, we need something more,” said Powell.

What that solution is, Powell said she isn’t too sure especially with the constant changes for restaurants.

“It’s very hard because we’re trying to do things by the book but the book keeps changing and if you don’t do things by the book then you risk being penalized,” she said.

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