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Morss to Remain Jailed

A Penn State Graduate arrested in the January 6th Capitol Riot in Washington D.C. will remain jailed until his Trial. In making that ruling this week, a Federal Judge said Robert Morss used his Army training to help organize other rioters.

Robert Morss was an Army Ranger who did three Tours in Afghanistan, according to Pentagon Records. Federal Prosecutors say they have photos and videos showing Morss during the Capitol Riot, stealing fencing and Police Officer body shields and then issuing instructions and distributing those materials to other rioters to form a wall while breaking into the Capitol. Morss is charged with Assaulting Police Officers, Civil Disorder, and Robbery. Police say they also found a notebook that Morss had that included information on creating a Hometown Militia.

Morss enrolled at Penn State after four years in the Army. His Attorney says Morss suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and has no Criminal Record. However, the Judge deemed Morss a threat to the community, and denied his request to be freed from jail. Morss is due back in Court early next month.

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