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Mountain Seed Foundation

The U.N. Refugee Agencies saying Sunday that almost 1.5 Million people have fled Ukraine, and many more staying behind are enduring Russia’s attack. One man originally from Elk County has an Organization that helps children of International conflicts. This War will significantly impact future generations of Ukrainians, but a Saint Marys man is trying to help the next generation endure this traumatic time in their young lives.

Nathan Schmidt is former Marine Corp Officer who served 3 tours in Iraq, then took on a new assignment. Schmidt saying: “I decided to join the foreign service because I thought by joining the foreign service that you could prevent wars from happening. I find out that, even as a Diplomat, it is very difficult to prevent wars.”

On one particular outing, he visited a School in the Donbass Grey Zone. That’s when he founded the Mountain Seed Foundation. He says they wanted to bring the Children and families to the U.S. or Europe, where they could get professional Therapy for PTSD and other issues, something Schmidt has had to cope with from his time in the military.

Schmidt says they plan to work with bigger Organizations to move Refugees into neighboring Countries.

If you would like to donate or for more information on the Mountain Seed Foundation, visit:

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