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Ms. Wheelchair PA Crowned

The new Ms. Wheelchair Pennsylvania 2022 was crowned Sunday in Johnstown. Her name is Caitlin Chasar from North Wales, PA and she has Spina Bifida. She’s a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and she’ll now compete in the National competition for the title of Ms. Wheelchair America.

Each of the women explained their platform about what they’re advocating for. Caitlin’s platform was about inclusivity in exercise. Caitlin saying: “I thought everyone did an amazing job this year. I’m just so honored. I just want to create awareness about the need for disability inclusive recreation centers. I want to educate people about the importance of an active lifestyle and having a safe place to exercise, just to improve everybody’s well-being.”

Ms. Wheelchair PA is not a beauty pageant, but a competition to select someone to serve as a Role Model and Spokesperson for people with disabilities across Pennsylvania. Barb Zablotney, State Coordinator & President of Ms. Wheelchair PA saying: “It is completely important. I think a lot of people don’t understand how important it is. You are one second away from living the life that I am living right now. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident when I was 21, and in the blink of an eye, this became my life. I never thought it would be me.”

Organizers hope to keep holding this event in Johnstown year after year.

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