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Mt. Union Area School District Options

Mt. Union Area School District began the first Monday of the new year by giving students the option to return to in-person learning.
However, students who were struggling to keep up remotely didn’t have a choice of whether to stay remote or come back to class.

The Coronavirus has brought challenges aplenty to school districts across the country and throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

The Mount Union Area School District is no exception. Some students have struggled with keeping their grades up, and some have even struggled with attendance to remote classes.

The district gave students the option to either return to in-person learning or remain at home. Students with poor grades and/or attendance, however, were not allowed to remain remote and in-person attendance was mandated.

District Superintendent Dr. Amy Smith responded to comment via email, saying that she has not received any complaints directed to her office regarding students that needed to come in and didn’t.

The district hopes that bringing struggling students back to the classroom will help them improve academically.


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