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Musician Spotlight: Anna Pearl Belinda “The Other Day”

Listen as singer-songwriter Anna Pearl Belinda shares her original song The Other Day.

Anna Pearl is an up-and-coming artist, drawing her roots from central Pennsylvania. Her zest for songwriting makes her an energetic performer that loves to engage with her audiences. With artists such as Coldplay, the Dave Matthews Band and David Gray playing throughout her childhood, you can find many melancholy (but mesmeric) tones within the storytelling of her songs. Anna Pearl took piano lessons at a young age and continued to songwriter throughout her adolescence while playing at various venues in Pennsylvania including art festivals, cafes, bookstores, nonprofits, bars, theaters and more. In addition to her own projects, Anna Pearl is a part of a band called Midstate Select, which has an album in the works. Key members of the band are Sam Milz, Sean Heffernan and Sam Christensen. 

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Spotify: Anna Pearl Belinda

Facebook: Anna Pearl Belinda Music

Instagram: the_elegant_bull

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