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National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month.

So, organizations in Centre County gathered together for a fundraiser today to support those in recovery.

The event was dubbed Overcoming The Edge of recovery because people are literally rappelling off the roof of this building to show they’ve overcome their fears.

Volunteers for both the PA Peer Support Coalition and the PA Recovery Organizations Alliance signified their leap of faith in beating their struggles with mental health, alcohol or drug abuse by
rappelling over the edge of the apartment building, and did so for a cause.

“Everyone who is going over the edge today are all volunteers, and that’s part of volunteering, they raise money for our organizations, um, so, it’s been a great experience so far.”

This event at the Maxxen Saturday afternoon demonstrates that beating personal demons is possible with the right support system.

“What we want to make sure that people know is that there is hope. I’m 35 years in recovery, I got in recovery when I was 21 years old, and my life has been significantly different as a result.”

Bill Stauffer of Pennsylvania Recovery Organization Alliance, says the more people that believe recovery is possible, the more people will try to take that path.

“If people know that recovery is not only possible but it’s probable when they get the right kinds of treatment and support, well get more people into recovery, and that’s going to be,
that’s going to be better for our entire community.”

And maybe have a little bit of fun and excitement while doing so.

“You know, nothing against golf tournaments or 5k’s but, you know, rappelling down a building is a pretty cool, different, unique kind of event, so we’re really excited to be here.”

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