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New CDC Covid Guidance

Top CDC officials announced in a phone conference today a new COVID-19 classification system for municipalities across the country.

The CDC announced new guidance, revealing three COVID-19 community levels.

The new system is meant to reflect the potential for strain on healthcare systems in municipalities, as well as analyze the level of risk for people more likely to contract the disease.

The scale has three different levels low, medium, and high.

Greta Massetti of the COVID-19 incident management team broke down the basic differences Today.

“At the low level, there is limited impact on the healthcare system, and low amounts of severe disease in the community. People should stay up to date with their vaccines and get tested if they’re sick. At the medium level, more
people are experiencing severe disease in the community, and they’re starting to see more impact on the healthcare system. ”

“At this level, CDC recommends that people who are high risk, such as someone who is immunocompromised, should talk to their healthcare provider about taking additional precautions, and may choose to wear a mask. ”

“As communities enter into the high level, there is high amounts of people experiencing severe disease and has potential for healthcare system strains.”

“At the high level, CDC recommends that everyone wear a mask indoors, in public, including in schools.”

If you’d like to find your community level, visit the CDC’s website or call 1-800-cdc-info.

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