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New Centre County Veterans Program

On this Veterans Day,Centre County’s District Attorney unveiling a new veterans treatment program for the court system with the key word being treatment.

Veterans life altering events have been well documented, mental or physical problems,or just difficulties re-entering society after military service. Centre County’s DA Says the new veterans treatment initiative aims to better connect veterans in court cases with vets treatment services

“It acknowledges a veterans service and also puts vets in court in touch with more veterans administration programs”

The new veterans initiative the latest a series of specialty court programs in Centre County that include a DUI court, and drug court program.

“I feel its the best way to get to the root of the problem for those defendants”

During the pandemic, veterans program administrators adapting to stay in touch with vets.

“We are still doing pensions and compensations,we are still doing claims,we are still helping people get into health care”

As for the new court program the District Attorney stressing the initial screening and follow up evaluation will be done on a case by case basis in the DA’s office.

The District Attorney adds the veterans treatment program should be up and running soon in the Centre County court program That it wont take a task force study or a similar initiative,before being implemented.

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