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New Crowd Size Limits Announced

Pennsylvania has broken its record for single day coronavirus deaths in consecutive days and secretary of health Doctor Rachel Levine says half of the states total cases have happened in the last 30 days.

The Governor is pointing to increased gatherings during the Thanksgiving holiday as the catalyst for the increase. In response, the Governor announced temporary COVID-19 restrictions that go into effect at 12:01 am December 12th and run through January 4th.

Extra curricular activities at all schools will be suspended. Indoor gatherings will be limited to 10 persons and outdoor gatherings will limited to 50. Indoor dining is suspended for the duration of the three week period, but drive thru and pick up will still be available.

Indoor operations at locations like theatres, concert venues and bowling alleys will been suspended. Operations at gyms will be suspended as well. Retail locations will be limited to 50 percent

Dr. Jennifer Higa said virus transmission is far more likely indoors, especially when people are cheering, singing or breathing heavily. The Governor says its impossible to wear a mask in restaurant settings when eating and drinking and thats not by any fault of the businesses. He encouraged Pennsylvanians to help out those bars and restaurants by ordering take out while dining is restricted. Wolf says the current situation is dire.

“By working together we will be saving lives but we have to do it together. We each have that power.”

Here’s part of a statement from pa licensed beverage and tavern association

“We get that the virus is contagious. We get that the number of confirmed cases and hospitalizations are increasing.”

“What we don’t get is why our state government has asked the industry to sacrifice so much, but continues to sacrifice the industry.”

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