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New Delta Variant on the Rise

As the Delta Variant surges across the United States, an internal CDC document now suggests it may cause more severe disease than earlier strains of the coronavirus.

The document shows the Delta Variant is also far more infectious than the original strain, spreading to a lot more people, at a quicker rate.

“You cannot avoid Delta. it is not possible.”

According to the CDC the Delta Variant is more transmissible than Sars, Ebola, the common Cold and the seasonal Flu and is as transmissible as the Chickenpox.

“We have to go back to universal masking than what we have, or else this thing is gonna spread like wildfire.”

The internal document also highlights that people who are vaccinated may spread the variant at the same rate as the un-vaccinated.

“Not a single shift has gone by where there hasn’t been a vaccinated person that I still diagnosed with covid-19. now luckily I haven’t had to hospitalize any of the patients, put them on
ventilators or oxygen, but they are still getting sick. the delta variant is here and it is here to stay.”

Bottom line breakthrough infections are possible, even if you are fully vaccinated.

But the document says they do reduce the risk of severe death or disease 10 fold.

“People who are getting severely ill are those un-vaccinated 99.5% of deaths are in un-vaccinated individuals.”

With the us averaging about 67 thousand new cases per day health officials hope this new report will urge people to protect themselves.

“The results are telling us, if you’re not vaccinated, you have a really poor outcome.”

I’m Darryl Forges reporting.

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